Reprojecting San Jose

Reprojecting San Jose Kiosk at The Tech

Reprojecting San Jose is Richard Milewski's award winning project that shows you how to create panoramic photographs and polar reprojections of those same photos. You can make panoramas and polar reprojections in either the virtual world Second Life, or in the real world with a digital camera and your computer.

The Tech Museum of Innovation Virtual Exhibit Challenge called on entrants to create a virtual exhibit in The Tech Virtual. The Tech Virtual is The Tech Museum of Innovation's presence in Second Life, a virtual reality environment. Winning entries were re-created in the real world by the staff of the The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. The exhibits are in The Tech Virtual Test Zone, a new area in the museum showcasing the world's first hands-on, interactive exhibits conceptualized and developed originally in the virtual world of Second Life.

To read about the project from the museum curator's perspective, visit MuseumTwo.

The Reprojecting San Jose Kiosk at The Tech takes a set of six simultaneous photographs approximately every 30 seconds. After being displayed on the overhead monitors, the six frames are stitched together into a 360-degree panorama like the one below, and then reprojected using a polar stereographic projection.

Click on the panorama to see a larger version.   ...or see the polar reprojection.
See More Panoramas taken by the exhibit cameras.

Visitors to The Tech can scan the barcode on their admission tickets with a scanner attached to the kiosk and then retrieve the panorama and polar projection from by entering the number on the ticket.

Reprojecting San Jose was inspired by Studio San Jose photographer Richard A. Milewski's panoramic photographs of downtown San Jose.

Real World

The Tech in San Jose

To learn how to make your own panoramas with your digital camera, check out our Quick Guide to getting started in panoramic photography.

Virtual World

The Tech in Second Life

In Second Life, the project is implemented as an avatar display attachment that assists in collecting the snapshot collections used to create panoramas. To learn more about the project see Panoramas in Second Life.